Pink Nitro

(AAAAA+) - hybrid

Pink Nitro s a hybrid strain, which originates from South Africa and Afghanistan. It is a descendant of Gas Mask and Animal Cookies. This cannabis strain contains an average THC level, which ranges between 15%-17%. According to reviewers, this marijuana features gassy and earthy flavors, complemented with a bit of sweetness. At the same time, its aroma is gassy and fuel. The weed is known for its uplifting and relaxing effects and may also provide euphoria, numbness, and calm. Many users state that the strain can deliver a boost of energy and slightly increase one’s creativity. The only negative effect it can give is a dry mouth, which is pretty widespread. It is a common choice for medical marijuana patients, which have excessive stress, anxiety, and a need to relieve minor pains. At the moment, these seeds are not available for purchase on the Internet. The flowering cycle of Nitro Cookies requires about 8 weeks.

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